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How to backup all settings and collect log files?

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Where it used to be two different processes to gather log files and presets from KLANG hardware via USB export and email logs , K:a now collects all logs automatically. Follow this link for more details.

Can I protect channels from changes?

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Yes, channels can be hidden in KLANG:app running musician or personal mode and on kontrollers and therefore be protected from changes. Follow this link for more details.

How to change mixing parameters for many channels or mixes at the same time?

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You can set values for specific parameters for channels in all mixes. Follow this link for more details.

How to protect mixes with a password?

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It is now possible to enter a KOS Login Password. Users need to know this password to connect to the processor in Show or Admin mode. Follow this link for more details.

Do I need a WiFi router? Which kind is best?

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You only need a WiFi router, if you want to connect KLANG:app on smartphones or tables, e.g. for personal mixing or for a monitor engineer when working on the stage. A hardwired ethernet connection is always the best choice for critical communication links, e.g. when running the DiGiCo console integration. We recommend to use a hardwired ethernet connect whenever possible, especially for laptops or computers with an ethernet port.

There are two different frequency bands for WiFi – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. We recommend to use dual band WiFi routers or Access Points. The 2.4 GHz band might get very busy or noisy when several mobile devices are around. The 5 GHz band tends to be the better choice. In many systems it is possible to define unique SSID to the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, so it is easy to see on a mobile device on which band you are working on. Modern mesh routers are more intelligent and tend to provide the best performance in all situations.

What kind of network switches work with Dante?

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Generally, managed switches with deactivated EEE are preferred for Dante networks.

Follow this guide to find the features you need.

How can I update DMI expansion cards?

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Login with KLANG:app to your :konductor. Go to CONFIG > INFO > SET > Update DMI cards.

The DMI card firmwares are included in the KLANG Operating System (KOS). A KOS Update might offer new firmwares, but they will never be installed automatically. Head to CONFIG > INFO to check if a new firmware is available for your DMI cards.

Here is a more detailed guide.

Which DMI expansion cards are supported in :konductor?

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The KLANG Operating System (KOS) on :konductor officially supports the following DMI expansion cards:

  • DMI-DANTE64@96


Learn more about the supported DMI cards.